Looking for an e-bike? The Orbea Gain is “the future of ebikes” according to USA’s Outside Magazine which has chosen the Orbea Gain for the 2019 Gear of the Year award in the Road Bike category. “It’s the most advanced road bike we’ve seen in years.” Their claim is backed up by the simple fact that the Gain is one of the lightest ebikes on the market, clocking in at a mere 11.3 kg. Anyone looking for an ebike should seriously consider looking at the Orbea Gain…


More speed, more pedalling, more fun. What’s not to like? The carbon frame has the battery fully integrated and the engine is hidden in the rear hub. Orbea’s lighter, smaller and more aesthetic electric bicycles have won them worldwide accolades including the Design & Innovation Award, which is more than just a prize. This recognition was given by experts, professional testers and journalists who performed more than 6,000 hours of tests to reach the final verdict. In their words, the “pioneering character” of the Gain and its “design, innovation and performance […] will change the lives of many cyclists, allowing them to rediscover freedom on two wheels.”


  • It’s the best electric bicycle in the market.”- Gear Junkie.

  • The less-trained cyclist can overcome the most beautiful climbs.”- Velo de Route.

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