NB running shoes are back in stock – yay! It’s been a funny few months for deliveries, what with Covid and Brexit but our store room is full again with red boxes from NB! The 880 has had a few changes, so let’s take a look at what’s new…

Who is the NB 880v11 for?

As the NB tagline says, this running shoe is “durable cushioning for all the rides”. With plenty of cushioning your feet won’t get tired in this shoe whether you’re on a long run, a short run or even a walk. Best for the roads, this runner offers comfort mile after mile. If your feet have medium to high arches and you don’t need any extra support, this neutral runner is a great daily do-er. It’s reliable, feels comfortable and breathable.


What’s new?

If you’ve previously worn 880s, you might notice the main change is that the upper has had a make-over. Made with a double jacquared mesh, the upper has been engineered to provide room in the forefoot and proper structure in the midfoot. What this means is that your foot stays locked in place, but the softer, stretchier material fits around a variety of foot shapes. This synthetic mesh upper is also extremely breathable. Good news if your feet tend to overheat when you run. The TPU heel clip has been reduced in size, which makes it less rigid than the 880v10 but still offering support and stability.


What’s to like about the NB 880v11?

The 880 is a dependable running shoe. Fresh Foam is used in the midsole making this luxuriously soft. Fresh Foam used to be exclusive to the 1080 but in recent years, NB have brought Fresh Foam to the 880 and the support version, the 860. You’ll get a lively bounce from this runner.

Heel to toe drop

The heel to toe drop is 10mm. You get a lovely soft cushioning in the heel, leading to a lower front which gives a nice toe-off to your run. There’s plenty of traction in this shoe too, gripping well on the roads for a secure feel.

Buy NB 880v11 for men and women

All in all, the NB880v11 is a great daily runner, a ‘workhorse’ as NB say themselves. Comfortable, dependable, breathable, this running shoe is as good for your first 5k as it is your half-marathon. Any more questions? Message us here on the chat or email us at The Sports Room. We’d be happy to answer any questions you might have.

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New Balance M880v11


We would recommend if you are buying New Balance runners that you go up a half size – for example the box says UK 5 but EU37.5. (We would usually call a 5 a 38).


The NB880v11 is available at run specialists and run shops like The Sports Room Wicklow Town who specialise in technical running shoes, apparel and accessories.