The Firehouse Bakery at The Sports Room Wicklow Town


Excellent service, very reasonable price in the bike workshop. Savage coffee in the Firehouse bakery adjoining it. Really cool trendy set up. Win win…

Rob Evans


When this review came in last week, it made us all smile. “A really cool, trendy set up, win win”…that was the plan we had for our new premises in Abbey Street and it was so good to see someone else acknowledge it. A win win for us as well as the customer!

Back in our old shop, we dreamed about a bigger place and what the offering could be. Bike repair customers sitting chatting to Enda or J at the workshop while enjoying a coffee and maybe a sneaky bun. Cyclists stopping off for a refuel at the café and the guys in the workshop fine-tuning their bikes while they have a break. Groups of runners grabbing a coffee to go after their daily run. We moved to our new premises in early 2019 – the space is just fantastic. A massive workshop for the guys. Plenty of space to display bikes and designated areas for running and water sports.

Now, we just needed the café. We were thrilled when The Firehouse Bakery, originally a Delgany based company, decided they’d like to open a second venue and our idea of a bike/run shop and a café sitting side by side worked well with their plans too. As Patrick (owner of The Firehouse) says, bread and bikes is our new tagline.

The Firehouse Bakery Wicklow at The Sports Room
The Firehouse Bakery Wicklow
The Firehouse Bakery Wicklow


Of course, with everything that has gone on Covid-wise over the last year, plans got a bit delayed but in December 2020 we finally got to share our premises with The Firehouse. For now, they are operating a take-out service. Pastries, pizzas, coffees and their daily menus are flying out the door but they have their own dreams of tables,chairs and the buzz of customers sitting down enjoying their food.

Already we can see the win-win of the set up. We’ve both expanded our customer base. With more people home-working, there’s a greater opportunity for people who live in Wicklow Town to shop locally and finally benefit from what’s in the town, rather than living the commuter life. It’s a win win for The Firehouse as our customer base were all psyched up for their arrival so they got off to a flying start. And as Rob says, it’s a win win for the customer too who drops off his bike, picks up a few bits for his next cycle and heads off home with a coffee and pastry. Bet he can’t wait for the restrictions to end when he can head out for a proper long spin and reward himself with a sit-down in The Firehouse and a chance to re-fuel with one of their daily specials. We all look forward to that day too…

The Sports Room, Wicklow Town is a technical run shop, specialising in all elements of running and trail running. We also specialise in water sports and all things bike.  We hope to see you in our shop one day but if you can’t make it you can always shop online!