Brooks have shuffled things around this year and you may see some new names and styles on the shoe wall at The Sports Room. To simplify the way shoes are categorised, there are now less styles to choose from but within each style you have an option to choose neutral or support…read on for more information!




Brooks have broken their run categories into four main types:

  • Cushion
  • Energize
  • Speed
  • Trail

The new system gives you, the runner, the option to start with the experience you prefer and then choose support based on your stride. Or you could start with your preferred support and then choose your cushion and ride.


For example, if you like a cushioned shoe and are a neutral runner you could choose from the Glycerin 19 or the Ghost 13.

Glycerin 19 for Women

Brooks Glycerin 19 for Women

Brooks Glycerin 19 for men Run Specialist The Sports room Wicklow

Brooks Glycerin 19 for Men

Ghost 13 for Men Run Specialist The Sports room Wicklow

Brooks Ghost 13 for Men

Brooks Ghost 13 for Women Run Shop Ireland

Brooks Ghost 13 for Women


If you like some support alongside your cushioning you would choose from the well known and very popular Adrenaline GTS 21 or the new Glycerin GTS 19. (Basically, GTS means “Go-To-Support”).

This is a perfect example of where things have changed for Brooks this Spring 2021. Last year, if you liked this style of cushioned shoe, you would have chosen either the Glycerin (neutral runner) or the Transcend (runner requiring support). Now for a cushioned, support shoe, you choose Glycerin 19 GTS. It works well we think. Less names but just as much choice and it makes it easier for us to pair you with the perfect shoe.

Brooks Adrenaline GTS for Women Run Shop Irelad

Brooks Adrenaline GTS21 for Women

Brooks Adrenaline GTS for Men, Run Shop Ireland

Brooks Adrenaline GTS21 for Men

Brooks Glycerin GTS19 forMen Run Specialist The Sports Room

Brooks Glycerin GTS19 for Men

Brooks Glycering GTS 19 for Women Run Specialist The Sports Room

Brooks Glycerin GTS19 for Women


If you like to get good energy return from your Brooks runner, you look for “energize”. At The Sports Room, you can choose from the Levitate 4 or the Ricochet 3. Both of these are neutral running shoes. If you are looking for support in this type of shoe, the Bedlam 3 is what you require. We don’t currently have this on our shoe wall, but as a run specialist we could certainly order it in for you if we felt it was the right shoe for you.

Brooks Levitate 4 for Women, Run Shop Ireland

Brooks Levitate 4 for Women

Brooks Levitate 4 for men ireland, run shop

Brooks Levitate 4 for Men

Brooks Ricochet 3 for men, run shop ireland

Brooks Ricochet 3 for Men

Brooks Ricochet 3 for women, run shop ireland

Brooks Ricochet 3 for Women


No two runners are alike and as run specialists we’re here to help you find the right running shoe for your run style. The two main Brooks categories you will find at The Sports Room are cushion and energize. Whether you’re a neutral runner or need a run shoe with support; or you would rather cushioning, something to keep things soft or would prefer spring like energy to propel you forward you’ll find it in the new Brooks Spring 2021 collection. Check out the Brooks range online. If you’ve any questions (while the shop is closed due to Covid restrictions) you can phone us on 0404 62380, talk to us on the chat or send us a message.

The Sports Room, Wicklow Town is a technical run shop, specialising in all elements of running and trail running. We also specialise in water sports and all things bike.  We hope to see you in our shop one day but if you can’t make it you can always shop online!