It’s tempting to throw on lots of clothes heading out for your run on a crisp winter day but you’ll warm up quickly once you start running. Best not to put on too many heavy layers as you’ll be looking to offload them once you get into your stride. At The Sports Room, we stock lots of technical run gear to help your winter running be as comfortable as possible. Let’s take a look…



To keep your body at the right temperature, wear a few layers of a technical fabric. Stay away from cotton! It absorbs the moisture and takes a long time to dry – you’ll end up feeling even colder than when you started out. Most of the run tops we stock in The Sports Room are made from technical polyester. The good news is that polyester is not like it was years ago – the run tees and tanks we stock are lightweight, fast drying moisture management and very breathable.


A long-sleeve run top is great for running in the cold. Keeping your arms warm when you start off, you can always push up the sleeves to manage your own body temperature as you heat up. We like the adidas Prism Long Sleeve tee – pop this on under a t-shirt or for even colder days under a heat zip top. The NB Heat ¼ zip is really popular with our customers. A gridded design on the inside keeps you warm at the start of your run, but as you heat up, excess heat can escape between the grids. It also looks good when you’re not exercising outdoors too – maybe just popping out for a coffee! There’s a similar one for ladies. This NB Hooded Heat Grid has thumbholes to keep your hands warm and little built in mittens for those really chilly days. There’s also a little gap for your pony tail in the hood – great if you don’t like to wear a hat but like a bit of extra warmth on your head. On windy, cold days maybe pop on a windbreaker – look for one that packs into its own pocket so you can pop into your pocket or run belt should you not need it.

NB Heatgrid Hoodie for Women Run Specialist The Sports room Wicklow
NB Heat Grid Top for Men Run Specialist The Sports Room Wicklow


To keep your core at a steady temperature but giving you freedom of movement, a run vest is a great idea. NB have a Heatgrid Vest that works a treat. The high collar keeps the wind out but more importantly it’s got lightweight insulation on the front and breathable Heatgrid fabric on the back. The elasticated hem at the back also helps keep in the warmth and kangaroo pockets are an added treat for your hands. Also available for women.

NB Heat Grid Vest Run Specialist The Sports Room
NB Heat Grid Vest Run Specialist The Sports Room


For the legs, you can opt for warmer winter tights if you like. Usually these are fleece lined. We like to wear run tights with our shorts over them for an extra layer of warmth.


If you’re running in the snow make sure your runners have a good grip. Don’t forget to wear proper running socks. Again stay away from cotton – moisture wicking socks are the way to go. Hilly offer a great range of running socks – low, high, double layered, compression – all the choice you could wish for! On bitterly cold days, you might like to wear a beanie or maybe a run headband or buff would do the job. Keep your hands warm with a pair of running gloves. Many of the gloves now come with touch sensors so you can access your phone without having to take them off.

While it’s tempting to stall your runs on those colder days, you know you’re going to feel the better for it and come Spring, you’ll be well ahead on your fitness schedule. And, not in need of so many layers!

Salomon Run Gloves Run Specialist The Sports Room Wicklow
Salomon Beanie Run Specialist the sports Room
Run Windbreaker

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