Aftershokz OpenMove – Bone Conduction Headphones

For those who want to enjoy listening to audio comfortably and safely on the road, OpenMove headphones combine open-ear design and state of the art of bone conduction technology to create a listening experience like no other.

Aftershokz Bone Conduction Headphones

Safer Option for Listening While You’re on the Move

Designed with complete versatility in mind, these OpenMove headphones, at a great price point (€90) provide more accessibility for more people. From Titanium to Air to Aeropex, AfterShokz have created award-winning headphones that provide active people with a safer option for listening. With a battery life of 6 hours (10 days on standby), weighing less than 30g, these new headphones are waterproof too. With a secure and comfortable fit,  the Aftershokz OpenMove open-ear bone conduction headphones are well worth adding to your sports equipment.

What is Bone Conduction Technology?

Instead of placing the headphones in your ears, you put them on your cheekbones, generating mini vibrations that travel from your cheekbones into the inner ear, by passing the eardrums. Why is this good? Well, when you’re out running, cycling or walking, listening to your music or podcasts you can still hear the traffic going by, horns beeping, bicycle bells ringing and people calling your name. All in all, it’s a safer option.

  • Open-ear Design
  • 7th Generation of Bone Conduction Technology
  • Aftershokz’ Most Powerful Bluetooth Chip QCC3024
  • USB-C Charging Port
  • 6h Battery Life
  • IP55 Sweat Resistant

Good to Know

Afteshokz OpenMove headphones are cleaner than headphones that go into your ears – less bacteria! They can also be easily rinsed as they are water resistant. Due to their design and resistance to fluid, all Aftershokz headphones can be cleaned with anti-bacterial spray and wipes without damaging them – a definite plus point for customers looking to stay safe and still enjoy their music.

aftershokz openmove headphones

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We have an Aftershokz display stand in-store at The Sports Room – try before you buy…. as mentioned above the headphones can easily be sanitised after use.
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