World Earth Day 2020 at The Sports Room…

At The Sports Room, we’ve been working hard to introduce sustainable and earth friendly products to our range so you can shop smarter. We take a look at the products we have introduced to make a difference to our earth…

Earth Day 2020, April 22nd, is a little different this year. The coronavirus is a reminder to us of just how vulnerable humans and the planet are. Like most things affected by the coronavirus it has moved to a digital platform. Perhaps, as you stay indoors, you are doing more online shopping? But when you are buying things for your sport, are you thinking about where your product came from or how it will end up when you are finished with it? As we stay indoors and exercise our responsibility to look after human health, we can still exercise our responsibility to look after the health of the planet too.


Buy Orbea bikes wicklow ireland the bike room the sports roomAt The Sports Room, we have made many changes to how we work to help make our business more sustainable. All our online parcels are shipped using recyclable brown paper and string. When it comes to in-store recycling, we have separate bins for all our waste collection and we bring all our recyclable cardboard to the recycling centre every week. At the moment, during Covid-19 lockdown, all local deliveries are being shipped by bike or foot – keeping us and the planet healthy! We promote email receipts rather than paper receipts when you make a purchase in-store. We have reduced our paperwork enormously by moving all our accounting to paperless billing. In The Bike Room, we buy recycled scrap cloths and use Muc-Off to clean all the bikes (see more about Muc-Off below). We’re putting pressure on our suppliers to reduce the amount of packaging they use when they ship their products to us. We’ve introduced more and more sustainable and eco-friendly products to our range (see below). We drink from reusable water bottles and most of us use reusable coffee cups (I’m not going to name and shame!!). We turn off the lights and computers when we’re going home!


We’re trying to make a difference so you have more choices when you shop for your sport. Here’s a few things you can do to help your health and that of the planet too…

CYCLE (and recycle!)

No doubt about it, the humble bicycle has a big part to play in protecting our environment. As a clean form of transportation, there are zero emissions. And of course cycling keeps you fit and healthy!  Orbea, one of the popular bike brands we sell, uses only water-based paints as part of its commitment to providing better air quality for its workers and less harmful waste in the environment, which has to be applauded. 

Buy Muc Off Wet Lube at The Sports Room Wicklow TownWhat can you do?

Cycle to work or to the shops for your groceries. Get the children to cycle to school. When cleaning your bike, use Muc-Off products (available in-store). We would encourage you to reuse your plastic bottles from home when it comes to cleaning your bike. Using Muc-off concentrates saves almost 9x more plastic vs buying a new 1litre bottle of their bike wash. More good news is that most of Muc-Off’s cleaning formulas are biodegradable. They removed PTFEs (Polytetrafluoroethylene) from all their products and formulas including MO94. PTFEs can cause serious harm to wildlife when they drain into water sources, so developing alternatives to this was a big focus for Muc-Off, and we’re delighted to say their whole range is now PTFE free! When they deliver to us all their packaging is recyclable too. Gotta love Muc-off – keeping your bike and the planet clean! (If you would like to buy any Muc-Off products during the Covid-19 lockdown please phone us at The Sports Room on 0404 62380).



An eco-friendly yoga mat has been made from natural materials. When you think about it using a PVC yoga mat kind of goes against the philosophy of yoga – the grip might be good but they are difficult to dispose of when you are finished with them. The Sports Room has been stocking eco friendly yoga mats for some time now and they are getting more and more popular. The Yoga-Mad Tree Rubber Yoga Mat is made from dry natural rubber from the Havea Brasiliensis tree on a 100% cotton mesh. Natural rubber and cotton are degradable and sustainable, making this one of Fitness Mad’s most environmentally friendly yoga mats. For bonus points the packaging is recyclable too. We also stock bamboo yoga bricks. Bamboo is light, strong and is the ultimate sustainable and eco friendly material, which is why we have selected it for our eco yoga brick. See more mats here…

Yoga at The Sports Room Wicklow Town


What can you do? 

Don’t rush out and replace your yoga mat for the sake of it but the next time you need a new mat or yoga accessory, maybe think about what it’s made of before you buy. Clean your yoga mat with a natural spray – you can make this yourself with vinegar, water and a few drops of your favourite essential oil. On fine days, take your yoga practice out to the garden – you can’t beat fresh air!




Keeping your body moving is good for your mental health as well as your physical health. More and more of the running brands are looking at ways to make their products more eco-friendly. With over 100 million runners running on the planet, there is huge pressure on the industry to develop sustainable products. Saucony are working hard right now to develop their first biodegradable shoe in an effort to experiment with sustainable materials and make shoes that will break down faster at the end of their lives.

When it comes to running shoes, Brooks use recycled polyester and biodegradable midsoles in their footwear. For the polyester, they seek a minimum 20% recycled content and all midsoles use BioMoGo DNA that includes an organic, non-toxic additive that biodegrades the midsole 50 times faster than traditional EVA when it comes into contact with anaerobic landfill microbes. New Balance is working towards a low-carbon future by reducing energy consumption and investing actively in renewable energy.

Salomon Trail Runners

What can you do?

Leave no trace when you go running in the mountains or on the streets. Bring your rubbish home! Enter races like the Eco-Trail, using public transport to get to the start line, bringing your own water pouch and availing of the refill stations on route. Buy powdered sports drinks and make your own in your own reusable bottle – cheaper and less waste. Choose garments that are made with recycled fabrics. Look at the tags before you buy! Eco-friendly items will often have natural looking tags and are attached with string rather than plastic.

The adidas Parley collection is made from upcycled plastic trash collected from remote islands, beaches and coastlines. Check out this Parley t-shirt for men. Many of the t-shirts we stock at The Sports Room are made from recycled polyester for example this Adidas women’s run tee  or this NB accelerate tee is 100% recycled for a great feel you can feel great about. Use hydration packs when you go on a long run or take an Inov-8 soft flask with you – they roll up nice and small when empty so they won’t weigh you down. Recycle your shoe boxes when you get home with your new purchase. All brands have made huge efforts to ensure shoe boxes are fully recyclable, including the inner tissue. 


Sea swimming might be one of the sports that requires the least amount of accessories (well, maybe in the summer months!) but what about the neoprene in your wetsuits? The neoprene in a Zone3 westsuit is derived from limestone opposed to petroleum which is more environmentally friendly. 

Funkita and Funky Trunks have developed ECO C-INFINITY – the same superior quality polyester construction that you’ve come to trust from their C-Infinity fabric, but manufactured from end-of-life plastic water bottles. Providing 100% chlorine resistance and exceptional colours, ECO C-INFINITY gives a new life to waste, reducing our environmental impact and keeping customers swimming day in and day out in the brightest swimwear on the market.



What can you do?

Choose Eco C-Infinity the next time you are buying a new swimsuit. Tired of seeing rubbish on the beach? Take five minutes to do a beach clean up the next time you are out for a walk along the seashore, take a pic and share it to instagram #5minutebeachcleanup.


In Wicklow, we are lucky enough to be able to enjoy lots of beautiful scenery on our 2km limits during Covid-19. Whatever you are doing on this Earth Day 2020, we hope you are keeping well and safe. If you need something for your sport you can call us on 0404 62380 or shop online