Sea swimming – what you need…

If you’re lucky enough to live within 2km of the sea during the Covid-19 lockdown, you might be braving the elements and taking the plunge. There’s nothing more life-affirming than the bracing cold water to get your heart beating fast and your skin tingling. While you don’t need much to go swimming (especially in the summer months), we take a look at what’s popular with the sea swimmers on our website right now…

Braving the water for the first time?

It’s well documented that swimming in the sea has great physical and mental benefits. Certainly, down here in Wicklow Town we regularly see people swimming in the harbour and along the seashore not only in summer but throughout the year. Perhaps, now that you are off work or only able to venture so far from home, you’re thinking the water looks inviting?

Before you venture into the waters, take advice from the Irish Water Safety website and always know what you are getting into. For the beginner or novice swimmer their advice is “Swim within your depth –stay within your depth”. Don’t swim alone – if you can’t meet up with your buddies these days, go with a member of your household. Test the water first and prepare yourself for the cold water by throwing sea water down the back of your neck before immersion. For more information, visit Irish Water Safety.

What you need for a sea swim in April….

The water is still cold so ideally ease yourself in gently over a period of time and don’t put pressure on yourself to stay in the water for a long time! We’ve put together some of the items people have been purchasing online from The Sports Room for their daily dip.


A Wetsuit

Buy Zone3 Wetsuits for triathlon training the sports room wicklow

Zone3 Advance Wetsuits Men and Women


For sure, the diehards will get into the sea in their swimsuits and a hat. If that’s not you, we recommend the Zone3 Advance Wetsuit. This is the perfect suit for anybody just starting out in open water swimming. As well as providing warmth, the wetsuit is designed to help you swim faster and with less effort. It’s also a very comfortable and flexible wetsuit. Available for both men and women.



Neoprene Gloves and Socks (and hats for the winter months)

Orca Open Water Swimming Gloves


Some people find the extremities of their body feel the cold more so than anywhere else. Orca swimming gloves have extra long sleeves for even more warmth and they are 3D cut for a perfect hand position while you swim.

The Zone3 neoprene socks are 3.5mm so slightly thicker than Zone3’s standard socks and come complete with a titanium lining to reflect the body’s heat and improve warmth.





huub aphotic goggleIt’s important to be able to sight while you’re swimming in the sea. Whether it’s the swim buoy, the shore or your friends, swimming with you a good pair of goggles will help you manage the light changes and mixed conditions of swimming in the Irish waters.

The HUUB Aphotic goggle are photochromatic reactor goggles that react to the sun for a darker tint in bright conditions. They also offer excellent clarity.

Another popular option is the AquaSphere Kayenne – with it’s larger oversized lens design, the Kayenne has an ultra durable Plexisol lens for 4 point expanded, 180-degree visibility, it’s a perfect choice for a competition, whether in a pool or open water.








If you suffer from ear infections or ear inflammation Surfears are a great way of keeping the water out but let the sound in. These waterproof ear plugs protect your ears without affecting hearing and balance.





swim secure tow floatA tow float or swim buoy is perfect for keeping you safe and visible while swimming in open water. Indeed for some races, they are compulsory. There’s a great choice of swim floats available with many including pockets to store your nutrition and hydration for those longer marathon swim sessions.






dryrobe change robe

Dryrobe the warmest change robe on the planet



Get dry and warm fast after your swim with a dryrobe. These changing robes are great for quickly whipping off the wet gear and getting you back into warm clothes asap. The long sleeve dryrobe is great for Irish weather – the velcro on the longer sleeve means you can seal yourself off from the wind, ensuring a speedy warm up after your swim.






tyr swim bagA good swimbag will store and organise all your swim essentials – expandable mesh pockets for separating wet and dry items, spring hooks for wet suits, mesh water bottle pockets, adjustable straps and a protective storage space for large electronics. You’re ready to go for that swim! Stay safe…


If you’ve any questions about what you need for sea swimming give The Sports Room a ring on 0404 62380 or message us.

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