Buying your first triathlon wetsuit

The Zone3 brand has recently arrived at The Sports Room and we can’t keep enough of their wetsuits in stock. If you’re thinking about your first triathlon or just like sea swimming, check out the Zone3 Advance Wetsuit – one of the best entry-level wetsuits on the market, this wetsuit will help ensure that you can have a fast, comfortable and enjoyable swim.

Triathlon specific wetsuits are designed to improve the swimmer’s body position in the water. Since we’ve introduced Zone3 to The Sports Room, customers are loving the fit of these wetsuits. We’re hearing “this is the best wetsuit I’ve ever swam in”, “love the comfort”, “easy to get on and off”… And it’s not just our customers that are saying good things, the Zone3 Advance Wetsuit had won many awards – “a brilliant all rounder that comes at a great price” 220 Magazine Best in Test Award.

So what makes the Zone3 Advance a good choice for your first triathlon? The Advance is the perfect suit for anybody just starting out in open water swimming or triathlon. Alternatively it is a great training suit if you want to save your best suit for racing. The suit has been designed with all of Zone3’s key features built-in to help ensure that you can have a fast, comfortable and enjoyable swim.

Zone3 entry level triathlon suits the sports room wicklow town

Swim faster with less effort
The Advance wetsuit is recognised as the best entry-level suit on the market and Zone3 have worked hard to further improve the look, feel and performance of the suit in the latest design, while still keeping the price point as low as possible (€229). As well as providing warmth, the wetsuit is extremely comfortable and is designed to help you swim faster and with less effort. The suit offers the key ingredients which make the Zone3 wetsuit range so popular, but changes to the materials and thickness of the product enable the suit to be very competitively priced.


Swimming feels much easier in this comfortable wetsuit

A new shoulder layout and underarm lining help give extra reach in the water and more comfort and flexibility for an energy efficient swim. Slightly thicker panels are positioned to support the legs and hips and help reduce drag and make swimming feel much easier. The laser cut collar construction gives a more comfortable ‘soft-close’ fit around the neck. This combined with the great fit on the body (with designs for both men and women) make it one of the most comfortable entry-level wetsuits available.

zone3 advance triathlon wetsuit the sports room wicklow

Easy to take on and off
Quick release leg panels and silicone coated Pro-Speed CuffsTM on the wrists help increase speed of removal and therefore save time and conserve energy. A high quality YKK downwards zipper also helps.


Choosing the right fit
When choosing your wetsuit you’ll probably find all wetsuits feel and fit a little bit different .

Zone3 wetsuits come with a size guide but we recommend you try a few to get the right size. Set aside a bit of time and come into The Sports Room to try them on. We’ll give you a pair of gloves (long finger nails and neoprene are not a good mix!) and you should keep your socks on too – it makes it easier to get into the legs.

When you’ve got the wetsuit on, check there’s no gaping and that the suit pulls into your lower back. The main thing is that you can manage your swim stroke on land – if you can do that you’ll be sorted when you get in the water. Once wet, the suit will fit better and will also mould to your body shape the more you use it.

Zone3 Advance Wetsuit for men the sports room wicklow

Where’s the buoyancy?
The Zone3 Advance wetsuit uses high quality materials and features not normally seen at this price point. The use of ‘SpeedFlo’ fabric on 70% of the wetsuit minimises drag through the water, increases speed and improves durability. The remaining 30% is made from high quality rubberised smoothskin neoprene. Slightly thicker panels are positioned to support the legs and hips and help to reduce drag and make swimming feel much easier. The thickness is 2mm around the shoulders and under arms, 3mm on the chest and upper back, 4mm on the torso, legs and side panels.

For those of you concerned about sustainability, the Zone3 Advance wetsuit uses eco-friendly neoprene utilising the latest earth mined limestone and scrap rubber tires helps to reduce energy consumption and CO2 emissions by 200g per suit. The majority of neoprene production waste is then recycled back into the suits ready for the next production, helping to minimise landfill waste.

Zone3 Best in Test Triathlon wetsuits the sports room wicklow town

Well recognised
The Advance wetsuit has received much acclaim in the triathlon world with 220 Magazine awarding 94% and its coveted Best on Test award in 2018, stating that the Advance ‘wouldn’t feel out of place against many of the mid-range products available at twice the price’ and is ‘a brilliant all-rounder that comes at a great price’.

  • 220 Triathlon: Best on Test 2016
  • 220 Triathlon: Best Buy 2017
  • 220 Triathlon: Best on Test 2018
  • Triathlon Plus: Top Value 2016


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