The Sports Room, Wicklow is a supplier of SeaSucker bike racks. These “kick ass” racks literally suction to your car, withstanding speeds of up to 140kmph, so you can drive confidently, knowing your bike is secure to the roof or rear of your vehicle. Cian Keogh, who works with Enda in The Bike Room and is also a member of The Sports Room Racing Team uses a rack which fits three bikes, known as the SeaSucker Bomber. He lets you know how he got on with it…..

SeaSucker Bomber The Sports Room Racing TeamHaving first coming across Seasucker I was reluctant because it was so different. After doing some research in to their products I couldn’t seem to find a bad review so I decided to take them on and use their ‘Bomber’ for our team car at The Sports Room Racing.

It was the most versatile option for us and after vigorously testing it out at the Ras Mhaigh Eo 2 Day Race on the weekend, I found absolutely no flaw in the product. It can be installed very simply in a couple of minutes and likewise a bike secured in the same time through its clever vacuum cup technology.

The rack fits three bikes with the front wheel removed on each. There is a large panel on the front which is the unit itself, including three fork mounts and 3 rear wheel cups that are additionally attached.

The unit itself is installed by pressing down on the cups to initiate the install and then followed up by pressing the pump button until it can’t be pumped any more. This is done for each individual cup. The unit is secured to the car roof via suction cups that hold the rack and bikes on extremely securely, taking all the risk out of transporting your very valuable bikes. That’s it, simple and effective and although it has a high price point for the top model which fits three, it is a worthy investment and worth every penny without disappointment.

SeaSucker also have a model for two bikes and a single bike which more pleasing price tags, using the exact same method.

Contact the guys at The Sports Room for further details and pricing.

Cian Keogh, The Sports Room Racing Team

Cian Keogh The Sports Room Racing Team