Not happy with your saddle? Your primary and most important point of contact – it’s important to get it right or you’re in for an uncomfortable ride. Not sure if an ISM saddle is right for you? Come into The Bike Room and try one out for yourself. We’ve some demo saddles in-store for you to take away. No saddle can work miracles but the ISM saddles do a pretty good job of keeping your comfortable for those long bike rides. Choose from shorter or longer saddles, narrow saddles or recreational saddles. Whatever saddle you choose, we’d recommend you always keep some chamois cream handy!



ISM seats are optimally shaped and very different than typical bike seats. Traditional seats are based on a century-old design and are associated with with discomfort, numbness and a variety of medical problems. ISM patented, anatomical design is nose-less and features two independent front arms. This results in superior blood flow, no numbness and unprecedented comfort and performances. Enjoy the freedom! Ride a bike for fun and fitness with no negative side effects.


ISM™ is the brainchild of Steve Toll, an avid cyclist and swimmer living in Tampa, Florida. In the winter of 1997, following yet another painful bike ride with his wife, Laura, Steve sketched out a design for a seat he thought could eliminate, or at least reduce, the discomfort most riders experience on a traditional bike saddle.  By 1999, with some assistance from his family, the concept was patented.

Over the years, ISM™ seats have helped propel Ironman wins, Olympic medals, Road Racing podium appearances, and countless age group victories.  Whether you’re a pro or an amateur, these comfortable bike seats are a revolution in bike comfort.


Take a look at why an ISM saddle outperforms other saddles by eliminating numbness and allowing for 100% blood flow. In addition, this video shows why ISM saddles require a different setup than traditional seats, but maintain the same rider position.

ISM Performance Saddles - Performance Narrow

PN – Performance Narrow
ISM PN 1.1
Maxiumum thigh clearance
Satin steel rails
Commonly used for
Road bikes // Triathlon bikes
Check the ISM PN 1.1 out online



Buy ISM Peformance Saddles The Sports Room Wicklow


PL – Performance Long
ISM PL 1.1
Long shape for fore-aft movement
Chromoly rails
Commonly used for
Road bikes // Mountain bikes
Check the ISM PL 1.1 out online


Buy ISM PS1.1 Saddles The Sports Room Wicklow


PS – Performance Short
Sloped top for hip support // Chromoly rails
Commonly used for:
Hybrid bikes // Triathlon bikes // Mountain bikes // Road bikes
Check the ISM PS 1.1 out online



ISM Performance Recreation Saddles The Sports Room Wicklow

Performance Recreation
ISM PR 1.0
Unbeatable price and comfort
Satin steel rails
Commonly used for:
Hybrid bikes // Triathlon bikes // Mountain bikes // Road bikes
Check out the ISM PR 1.o online

Demo ISM saddles available at  The Bike Room in The Sports Room – try them out for yourself – see the difference an ISM saddle can make…