TYR Hurricane wetsuits are now available at The Sports Room. We have been trained by TYR in sizing and fitting swim wetsuits to help you get the best fit.

Here, Mark runs through some of the key points around size and fit, how to put on your swim wetsuit and how to care for it.

TYR Hurricane Wetsuits

Buy TYR Hurricane Cat 1 Tri and Swim Wetsuits at The Sports Room WicklowTYR wetsuits are fitted and sized by weight and height. Where a wetsuit is not fitted in a specialist store the key issue can be that they are bought too big. It’s important to note that swim wetsuits fit differently to water sports wet suits.

The suit should be tight but not restrictive – if you can breath and have motion flexibility – it’s a good fit! Swim wetsuits expand when they get wet, so when in the store fitting your new suit, it should feel tight.

A swim wetsuit leg length should fit to the bottom of the calf and the sleeve length should fit to just behind the wrist bone. This is unlike the fit of a water sports suit. There should be no wrinkles in the suit, once you have it on, to avoid flushing when swimming.

How to put on your TYR Hurricane swim wetsuit

Here are our guidelines for effectively putting on your swim wetsuit

  1. To avoid nicks remove watches and sharp jewelry. TYR Hurricane wetsuits are supplied with gloves and boots to protect the suit. Otherwise a product like suit juice can be used on the wrist, sleeve and ankle. Watch for long finger nails. (Suit Juice is available to buy at The Sports Room).
  2. Unzip the wetsuit and fold it in half inside out
  3. Put the feet in one at a time. The bottom of the suit should be just above the ankles at the bottom of the calves.
  4. Work the folds to above the knees.
  5. Next using the pads of your fingers work the suit up over the thighs and then over your hips onto the waist ensuring all the folds and wrinkles are removed and there is not too much loose material. The suit should be snug around the crotch.
  6. Then you can put your arms in one at a time and pull over the shoulders.
  7. Now it’s time to zip up. Grab the strap and pull to the top until closed and secure the strap under the velcro.
  8. Stretch and adjust the suit as necessary to achieve maximum fit and range of motion.

Watch a video here.

Care tips for your TYR Hurricane Wetsuit

After use, turn out, hang on a plastic hanger, rinse your suit in fresh water, air dry away from direct sunlight. Once dry, store on the hanger in a cool dry place. When traveling, roll your suit, do not fold.

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