GAA, rugby, hockey, boxing – there’s lots of you out there needing gumshields for your sport. You guys and gals are always coming into The Sports Room looking for new gumshields – you can’t find your gumshield and you won’t be allowed on the pitch without it; you’ve chewed it to bits, your sister borrowed it …


Buy Makura Gumshields and Mouthguards at The Sports Room Wicklow


Most of you opt for the Makura Ignis Pro (€10) when you come in and it is a great all-round gumshield. Often you don’t have time to pick and choose as you’re dashing off to your sport, so while you have time, explore our gumshield range here…




Makura Ignis Pro Gumshields buy at The Sports Room WicklowMakura Ignis Pro €10

This mouthguard is easy to mould and is a perfect fit coming in two sizes, junior (10yrs and under) and senior (11 yrs +). It comes with its own case keeping it clean instead of rolling around your kit bag. Simply pop it in boiling water, cool for a few seconds, bite down to shape to your mouth. The outer casing is a super tough ‘shokbloker’ and the inner layer is a gelform liner for ultimate comfort. Available in a variety of colours. Latex free and CE compliant, you can be confident you are buying the highest levels of safety. (This mouthguard can also be successfully used by teeth grinders!).



Opro gumshields provide maximum protection against front and concussive blows whilst keeping the palate clear for improved breathing and speech.


Opro Snap-Fit Mouthguard €5Buy Opro Snap-fit gum shields at The Sports Room Wicklow

No fitting, no boiling, no fuss. Perfect for Saturday mornings when you’ve realised on the way to the match that you’ve no gumshield. They’re a great fit and CE certified. Available in senior and junior sizes.




Buy Opro mouthguard and gum shield at The Sports Room WicklowOpro Bronze €6 Junior and Senior

This is a basic protection self-fit mouthguard. It comes with its own case for hygiene and safety & to write a name on. Constructed of one material, the unique patented fin technology gives great protection and fits closely to tooth morphology. Innovative integrated stretch zones help the fit too. Latex free. Junior version (up to age 9) comes with drainage holes for water use.


Opro Silver Mouthguards at The Sports Room WicklowOpro Silver €12 Junior and Senior

A step up from the bronze, this is an enhanced protection self-fit mouthguard. It has a durable outer layer for enhanced impact protection and a flexible inner layer for comfort and fit. It uses the same unique patented fin technology which fits closely to tooth morphology. Comes with a carry case and fitting handle. Not suitable for braces. How to fit:



Ortho Bronze €12

Opro Ortho Bronze Gumshield for Braces at The Sports Room WicklowThe Ortho Bronze mouthguard is suitable for braces. This is a one-material mouthguard offering complete fit and protection. It is uniquely designed for wearers of fixed orthodontic braces.




Shock Doctor Gel Max Strapless €20

Buy Shock Doctor Mouthguard Gumshield at The Sports Room WicklowA multi-layer construction with an internal shock absorbing frame this mouthguard offers hardcore protection and fit. A gel-fit liner custom moulds to teeth for a tight, comfortable fit. A heavy-duty rubber frame provides impact protection. This gumshield can be re-moulded again and again. It is great for high-impact sports.


How To Look After Your Gumshield

  • Rinse before and after you wear
  • Store in the perforated box you bought the gumshield in
  • Keep gum shield out of direct sunlight – don’t leave it in the car
  • Wash in warm soapy water every so often or clean with toothbrush and toothpaste


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