Tennis Racket Restringing

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We can get very attached to our tennis rackets! Often we’re afraid to change them in case it changes our game. But like any piece of equipment, tennis rackets need looking after – new grips, new shock absorbers, new strings. Peter Finnegan, chief racket stringer at The Sports Room, talks you through the why and what of racket restringing…


Over time, strings lose their tension and elasticity which ultimately could impact your performance on court. If you never change the strings on your racket, you will never know what a fresh pair of strings is like to play with and how your game could improve. You’ll have more control over your shots and be able to put more spin on the ball. Think about how many times the ball makes contact with the strings in a match. Playing over the winter months, moisture from the wet balls is absorbed by the wet tennis balls. Your racket is bound to lose its pop.


Every player is different. This makes it difficult to set a rule. You might play once a week or seven days a week. You might play for 1 hour a week or you might play for 21 hours a week.  There is a guideline that says you should change your racket as many times in a year as as many times as you play in a week. If you play 3 times a week, change the strings 3 times a year. If you are playing 7 days a week, chances are you are going to break a string, you will need your racket re-strung before the recommended guideline.

If you are playing league and competitive tennis, you’ll need to restring your tennis racket more regularly than a social player. I have a semi-western grip and like to hit hard base line shots so I’ll need to restring my racket more often than someone who hits a softer ball.


When you come into The Sports Room to get your racket restrung we’ll ask you what type of strings you like to play with and what tension you’d like? Don’t panic if you don’t know! We’ll help you out. High tension on a racket gives you greater control, lower tension gives greater power. All tennis rackets come with a suggested tension, so we can just go with that if you are still unsure.

We stock a range of tennis strings in The Sports Room. Over 60% of professional players on the ATP and WTA Tour are using Luxilon strings which are available here in The Sports Room. These strings provide power, spin, control and consistent playability.

Luxilon Racket Strings at The Sports Room

Luxilon Alu Power Feel(uses Big Banger Technology ) – A co-polyster string that delivers power, durability and control. Suits all player styles. €24

Luxilon Alu Power Rough (uses Big Banger Technology) – A co-polyster string with rough edges on the string to grip the ball and give enhanced spin. Not as durable as Alu Power Feel but still very durable. €24

Luxilon Savage – Best for players making their own power so ideal for aggressive big swinging baseliners. Durable, polyester. €24


We also stock Babolat Pro Hurricane (Polyester) €23, Synthetic Gut €20 and Contact Spin €23. Polyester is more durable but synthetic strings have a nicer feel, in my opinion. We have access to more strings, including Mantis and Wilson strings, if there is one in particular you are looking for, let us know.

The Sports Room, Wicklow Town provides a racket stringing service for Wicklow and the Leinster area. We have a fast turn-around on racket stringing. We also stock a range of tennis whites and tennis runners from brands such as Nike, NB, Pure Lime, Head and Babolat.