Give your shoes the WOW factor

Get WOW running shoes by replacing the standard sock-liner in your runners with a RUNPRO. This will increase the standard fit, comfort and performance of your running shoe. Jonathan Hedges of currexSole gives the low-down on why a currexRUNPRO can improve your running performance…

Buy currexRUNPRO currex Soles at The Sports Room WicklowMISCONCEPTIONS
Let’s look at two misconceptions we often hear for not swapping out your manufacturer’s sock-liner for insoles:

1. The shoes should do it all
We agree, the shoes should do it all, but they don’t and they cannot. With all the innovations and marketing strategies over the last 30 years, statistics show that running related injuries haven’t actually changed.

2. I don’t believe insoles work.
There are over 75 research studies that show that insoles do work.

Let’s delve into these a little more….

Every foot is different in shape and function, every running style is different – we can go on; VO2, power, stamina, mental strength etc. There are many variables that are constantly changing as you run. Even a perfectly crafted shoe won’t be so perfect when you reach mile 5. Therefore how can a standard Asics, Brooks, NB, Saucony etc be perfect for every customer? They can’t, especially when the sockliner has to be a ‘one-size-fits all’. A good sports shop helps customers find the closest match. Ideally, then, you should enhance your running shoe with a RUNPRO.

As Carson Caprara, Global Manager at Brooks Running Shoes, puts it,

“The sock-liner is the closest thing to the foot in a running shoe. Therefore, it is important to take into account the functionality of this component. Our goal is for the sock liner to enhance the overall comfort of our shoes. We mould most of our sock liners with a 3D shape that matches the natural contours of the bottom of the foot. This helps to reduce the negative space between the foot and the shoe, and cradles the heel and arch so they feel secure during the run.”
Buy Currex RunPro Insoles at The Sports Room
The currexSole RUNPRO it the highest quality sock-liner available on the market, it comes in 3 arch heights, but more importantly it is designed solely for running.

  • The ‘last’ is for running
  • The decoupled heel does not block the shoes’ shock attenuating features
  • The Dynamic Arch Cradle maintains the foot’s behaviour – reducing negative space
  • The deep heel cup cradles and stabilises the heel
  • The Poron heel pad – filters out bad shocks
  • The Boost forefoot pad – filters shocks and returns energy
  • It is Zero Drop – so will not affect the shoes geometry
  • It is the lightest running insole on the market


It’s not hard to understand that your shoe is the ‘base of support’ for your running style – or preferred motion pathway (PMP), so it has to be comfortable otherwise this pathway will change. Fatigue affects foot function and timing, therefore it must affect your PMP – so by adding a currrexSole insole you will help to maintain the PMP longer into the run as well as providing extra comfort and fit.

And that, customers, is a WOW SHOE.
Every shoe can be a WOW shoe.

Buy currexSoles at The Sports Room

Jonathan Hedges

The Sports Room, Wicklow Town stocks high quality technical running shoes for all types of runners. To complement your choice in runner, we also stock currexSole RUNPRO in a range of arch height to suit your foot type. Hop up on our FootDisc and we’ll quickly tell you whether you need a low, medium or high currexSole. Perfect for running, jogging, triathlons, trail running and walking, you’ll notice the differnce as soon as you put them in.