Christmas Gift Ideas for Tennis Players

We’re lucky to have Wicklow Tennis Club Champion, Peter Finnegan, working at The Sports Room! Just a slight tennis nut, he’s compiled a list of his top ten tennis treats for Christmas this year. Thinking of buying a racket? We’ve demo rackets in-store for you to try out…just ask!


Babolat Pure Drive Tennis Racket at The Sports Room Wicklow TownBabolat Pure Drive

The Babolat Pure Drive is one of the most popular rackets in the world and has recently had a technology make-over. The updated sweet-spot is now towards the top of the racket giving you better control of the ball without losing any power to your groundstroke/Volley/Serve. An easy to use racket, the Pure Drive compliments a lot of different playing styles and this adds to the popularity of this racket. 190


Babolat Pure Aero
Babolat Aero Pro Drive at The Sports Room Wicklow

The Babolat Pure Aero is Rafa Nadal’s choice of racket. The Aero has got even better with added spin and power technologies.  There is now a bigger gap between the grommets which adds to the already known “Spin Machine”. Personally, it is my favourite racket and it is recommended for players that play with a lot of spin from the baseline. €225


Babolat Teamline Backpack at The Sports Room Wicklow TownBabolat Teamline Backpack

Got a Babolat racket? You’ve got to have a Babolat Back Pack! The Babolat Teamline Backpack has lots of room for tennis balls and hoodies or rain-jackets. A padded compartment protects your racket while a cover keeps the racket handle dry if it starts to rain (likely!). Lots of accessory pockets for club swipe cards, purses, wallets etc.

Customise your bag with your own label. Never mix up your bag again! Go online, add your details and a picture, if you like, and get your own label emailed to you. €50

Babolat B’fly 21″
Babolat Bfly 21 inch junior tennis racket at The Sports Room Wicklow Town

A great beginner racket if you’ve an aspiring Wimbledon champ in your house! This 21″ racket is ideal for junior players aged 6-8 (up to 110cm). Lightweight, this racket helps your little tennis player control every shot. A memory grip handle instructs them how to hold the racket correctly.

Head Grapheme Speed MP tennis racket at The Sports Room Wicklow TownHead Graphene Speed MP

Easy to use, this Head racket is a great all round tennis racket, combining control and power. Lightweight it has great racket head speed, delivering more power with less effort. The Speed is known for its precision and power and you can generate a lot of racket head speed with this racket.

Endorsed by Novak Djokovic – well why wouldn’t you buy it!?


Pure Lime Pleated Back Jacket and Skort
Pure Lime Pleated Back Jacket Tennis at The Sports Room Wicklow Town

Available in white, black and lime, the Pure Lime Pleated Back Jacket is so comfortable to play tennis in. A super stretchy, breathe dri fabric, there’s no restriction on your tennis game. With a cotton look and a very feminine cut, you’ll look and feel great on the tennis court. Lots of other Pure Lime tennis gear to choose from in-store.
From €42

Head ATP Tennis Balls at The Sports Room Wicklow Town

Head ATP 3 ball can

The preferred tennis ball of Andy Murray and Peter Finnegan, these tennis balls are durable and play like newer for longer. It’s worth paying the extra bit for them….



Babolat My Grip Overgrip
Babolat My Grip Overgrows at The Sports Room Wicklow Town

Lots of colours to choose from, these Babolat My Grip Overgrips are tacky and cushioned. Grips should be changed regularly. If you play tennis once a week, change them once a month. If you are playing a few times a week, then change them weekly. Not doing so can decrease the control of your shot and could also cause injury as you grip tighter to your racket as the grip gets looser.



New Balance NB896 tennis runner at The Sports Room Wicklow TownNB 896 Tennis Runner

New Balance cushioned tennis shoe for men and women (mens’ pictured). We’ve white and grey runners in stock for Wicklow Tennis Club tennis players but if you can wear any colour, just ask and we can get for you. The NB 896 cushioned tennis shoe  is lightweight and flexible with lateral stability – key ingredients for game, set and match! €80


Pure Lime Supreme Slim Leg Pants
Pure Lime Supreme Slim Leg Pants at The Sports Room Wicklow Town

Perfect for on or off-court, the Pure Lime Supreme Slim Leg Pant is very flattering and extremely comfortable to wear. Breathable fabric keeps you cool on court but this material also offers good support.

Complete with drawstring at the lower leg, you can pull these pants in for a tighter fit – ideal also on rainy tennis days to avoid dragging in the wet.


The Sports Room, Wicklow Town has a wide range of Babolat and Head tennis rackets in stock. We also provide a racket re-stringing service, typically with a turn around time of 24 hours. We stock tennis accessories, tennis labels such as Pure Lime, Nike and Babolat as well as tennis shoes.