Wicklow Wolves softball club is looking for players! The Wicklow Wolves is a softball club based in Wicklow Town. The team started up this year and is looking for new players. James Heron, Wicklow Wolves manager and local massage therapist gives the low-down on softball…

What is softball?
Softball is a recreational version of that great American game, baseball. It’s a fun, social activity. Softball has been played in Ireland since the nineties. There are teams in all provinces with the Leinster league being the biggest one. In that time, softball has been responsible for countless life-long friendships a good numbers of marriages and quite a few children! Softball is a summer sport played in the long evenings and as a way of burning off the day’s stress it is second to none.

Do I need to be fit to play softball?
Due to the stop-start nature of the game, great aerobic fitness isn’t required to start with, but if you stick with it your fitness will improve. You don’t need any previous experience (but we’ll welcome you and give you a coaching job if you have any).

How can I join The Wicklow Wolves Softball Club?
Our softball is a non-contact mixed team softball. At the moment we train at The Black Castle in Wicklow Town. So if you happen by us on a Saturday morning don’t be afraid to join us – you’ll be made very welcome. All training and equipment will be provided, all we ask is you give it a try, don’t be worried about making mistakes we all do them.

For more information drop us an email: wicklowwolves@gmail.com
Find us on Facebook
We’re also on twitter:@wicklowwolves
Dates for training as well as other important information are announced on the facebook page.

James Heron Massage Therapist Wicklow Town
James Heron
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 Book an appointment by phone: 086 2468014 or email: jamesheron2010@gmail.com
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