Got your eye on a new bike? Maybe it’s the very cool mountain bike in The Sports Room window or the green one inside that looks like it’s been cycled all the way from Amsterdam? With tax-free bikes for work you may just get that bike you’ve been dreaming of! Mark Williams, owner of The Sports Room, gives you the low-down on making the bike to work scheme work for you.


Encouraging more people to cycle to work the government very kindly introduced a tax incentive in 2009. With savings of up to 52% on bikes and bike gear, there’s no better excuse for stopping by The Sports Room for a new bike. Come in and have a chat with either Enda or myself. We love to talk bikes and we’ll be delighted to help you find the bike that’s right for getting you to work and anywhere else you might like to go!

Who can avail of the bike to work scheme?
Whether you’re cycling all the way to work or partway to the train station you can avail of the scheme. If you’re a home worker cycling to a local meeting or to the post office you won’t lose out either!

What do you have to do?
Come into The Sports Room. Choose a bike to your liking or even bike accessories up to the value of €1000.   We will provide you with a quote to bring to your employer who will then complete the necessary paperwork.

What can you buy?
You can buy a bike or you can buy accessories such as helmets, bells, bikes, mirrors, mudguards, clips, panniers, locks and chains; pumps, puncture repair kits, cycle tool kits, tyre sealant, reflective clothing and reflectors for your bike. At The Sports Room, we have a wide range of biking accessories from brands such as Gore BikeWear, Enduro, Lezyne, Shimano, Schwalbe, BBB, Zefal and more.

How does it work?
You can buy a bike, bike apparel or bicycle accessories of any value but you will receive tax relief up to a maximum value of €1000. Payment for your bike must be made by your employer. You cannot buy the bike yourself and get reimbursed for the cost. To pay for your bike, your employer will deduct an amount from your salary every month over, max, a year.

How often can you get a bike under the scheme?
You can get a new bike every five years. You can only buy a bike for yourself – you cannot buy a bike for a family member.

What are you waiting for?!
Don’t let this opportunity of a new bike pass you by. Biking is great for your fitness, your physical and mental health. Not to mention doing your bit for the environment. If you’ve got the biking bug and want take on some adventure biking, come in and talk to us about mountain biking in Wicklow. We’re hooked anyway!

PS – please email me or phone us on 0404 62380 if you have any questions…thanks, Mark.

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