Ladies, what to wear for yoga and pilates…

It’s best to wear clothing that allows easy movement as toning your body through yoga requires a lot of stretching. At the same time, you need clothes that hold firm. Loose clothing tends to move when you’re upside down! Long, fitted, tank tops are a must. There’s nothing worse than having your top around your head and (unless you have a perfectly toned core) your belly on show when you’re trying to hold that downward dog pose!


The PureLime seamless range is a brilliant base layer with a snug stretch fit. At the same time it gives you maximum freedom of movement without irritation.

Layer it up with some looser fitting tops – perfect for keeping you warm as you cool down and relax at the end of your session.

Tight fitting full length leggings work well for headstands, legs up the wall etc…Similarly, capris are perfect for ease of movement and comfort.

Complete the look with comfortable seamless underwear – sports underwear is best as the fabric is highly breathable and wicks moisture away from the body for quick drying and a great feel. They regulate body temperature too. The PureLime seamless hipsters are so comfortable, you’ll hardly notice they’re on!

It’s definitely worth trying before buying. And while you’re at it why not practice a few yoga poses in the changing room, just to be sure everything stays in place when you’re upside down! We had a gymnast in The Sports Room recently, trying on the seamless hipsters. Out she came, did the splits, a few high leg kicks and happy with the fit, left with her new knicks! We were all suitably impressed.


Some funky ToeSox

To avoid slipping or to keep your feet warm, try ToeSox. The five-toe design allows toes to move and spread naturally and they’re also an hygienic option to bare feet.

Accessorise with headbands and your water bottle.