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Golf, tennis and so many other sports have benefitted from the introduction of new materials, so why not hurling? Cultec have come up with a new solution and a new era in hurling development.


Buy Cultec Hurleys at The Sports Room Wicklow TownCultec Hurls are GAA approved hurleys and the brainchild of former hurlers Tom Wright and John Brennan. The Cultec Hurley differs from traditional hurleys in that it is made from a composite of synthetic epoxy, nylon and some graphite. It has won acclaim for its robust nature, as well as the exceptionally large sweet spot on its bás which allows for longer and more consistent striking of the sliothar.


Benefits of a Cultec Hurley:

  • A smooth, accurate, consistent stroke for today’s fast players
  • A consistent stroke in all weather
  • Resilient and durable
  • Has a constant specification
  • Has a higher degree of safety – no nails or flying fragments

Approved by the GAA, the Cultec Hurley is currently used by Senior Inter-County players down to ‘Go-games’. The Cultec is designed with safety in mind and according to GAA guidelines it will break if excessive force in applied. However, unlike the traditional ash hurley, the bas won’t fly off but one side of the handle may fracture. The Cultec will only break under extreme force and so has a longevity that is hard to beat.

Hurleys, in the past were always made with ash. However, with the decline in ash trees in Ireland more and more of the hurleys used aren’t made with indigenous ash but with imported ash. Yet another reason to give the Cultec a go!

At The Sports Room, we stock a range of Cultec Hurleys from 26″ to 34″ at a price range from €28 to €43. They also come in a range of colours.


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